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We are a leading Professional Architectural Designing Marketplace, with expertise in providing complete Designing Services throughout the world. Our experienced and dedicated team of Architects, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Developers, Publishers and Manufacturers are Providing Competent design and Services within the stipulated time. We also provide Consultancy throughout your projects. Since we provide all services online, you can get your tasks done through the comfort of your Home.

Each state, city and development have their own arrangement of codes and guidelines that they have decided turn out best for their territory. As Iqbal Architects plans are sold all through the country, they meet public codes. Be that as it may, you should take the designs to an administration office to decide whether the plans will meet neighborhood codes. On the off chance that they propose a few changes you may consider our alteration administrations

We don’t hold individual structure data on the clients who have bought plans from us because of protection reasons. Typically, when they have purchased the plans, they move from the area where we have dispatched. Regardless of whether we were permitted to offer such data, it’s difficult to follow.

We assurance to have the best online house plan prices in Pakistan. Assuming, notwithstanding, you locate the indistinguishable arrangement online at a lower value, we’ll joyfully coordinate that value subject to the terms and conditions underneath. This low value ensures, combined with the business’ driving trade and overhaul approaches, make Iqbal Architects the best spot to look for home plans. Purchase with certainty today.

When you buy the arrangement, we will get in touch with you and send you a survey through which we will comprehend your requirements.


We will allot a delegate for your venture and he/she will organize every one of your requirements.


After conversations with you, we will change the arrangement as indicated by your precise plot size and make the same number of changes as you like. Our costs depend on per square feet of assembled territory and in the event that after changes your constructed region increments by over 10%, at that point we will change for the expanded zone likewise.

With the expertise of Iqbal Architects, you get a full range of configuration change choices. They range from developing or diminishing the all-out area of an arrangement to changing a rooftop line or establishment type. Your decisions additionally incorporate adding, eliminating and moving rooms, windows, and entryways, just as numerous different refinements and conveniences.

Whenever you’ve bought your home plans and restored the customization agenda, our specialists will decide the multifaceted nature of the work and send you an exact quote for your audit

Approving the estimation. Whenever you have affirmed the adjustment estimation, our plan group will send you an arrangement, which plots the expense and explicit rundown of changes. Over the span of your change project, our plan group will email you refreshes. At the point when Iqbal Architects Customization Service gets your permitted estimation and installment, full development drawings will be finished, following endorsement of any primer plans. You will be advised of the Completion and the last installment will be expected preceding shipment of your finished development drawings.

On the off chance that the customization is more than on 10% of absolute area. We charge for it.

The customization conference expense is deducted from the all-out expense of your change request. On the off chance that you decide not to continue with the alterations, this expense is non-refundable.

The normal regular time is 10-15 business days, following the receipt of the client’s endorsement of any starter plan adjustments, if pertinent. *excluding occasions and peak periods.

We will send you idea plan by email in PDF design.

We acknowledge all structure kind of Electric Money Transfer. Cads on Delivery isn’t accessible.

We, and the architects we work with, have invested considerable consideration and energy into the making of our plans. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that we can’t give nearby counsel, oversight and power over genuine development, and due to the incredible difference in local building necessities, building practices and soil, seismic, climate and different conditions.

Indeed. You can request that we correct the plan after the First Concept Design is shipped off you. It is very normal for a customer to understand extra minor necessities after the First Concept Design is made.

Whenever you have rounded out our poll and furnished us with the data required, it for the most part takes us around 7 working days to present the First Concept Design. We will at that point permit 3-5 days for you to give your remarks in on the plan recorded as a hard copy. When we get this, it will take us another 7 working days to set up the Final Concept Design. The absolute time taken for the work is subsequently at least 15 working days.

Our poll contains a rundown of data required. A portion of the more significant data is: the size of the plot, the size of the house required, data on relatives, the no of floors required, and data on the plot, for example, photographs and drawings of the plot and data about the designs on the adjoining plots.

We have a standard table of evaluating which is entirely sensible regarding the plan work and expectations which we will give to you.

Indeed, you can request that we roll out certain improvements, however these will be charged according to the worker hours spent on the corrections.

No, we don’t deal like that. We are proficient modelers with bunches of involvement with the plan of houses, and we like to concentrate on a venture whenever we are delegated. We accept that the most ideal approach to choose a modeler is to take a gander at the nature of his earlier work.

We normally demand our customers to share a few thoughts or pictures of houses they like and some they don’t care for. This causes us comprehend your own decisions and dreams for the house.

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