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There is a difference between a room designed by an interior designer and a home decorator. The reason is obvious, one is more professional, and the other is just relying on inspiration gathered via various resources.

From balancing colors, choosing the right lights, to selecting the theme of the room, here are some best-kept interior design secrets from experts to take your décor to another level:

1.   PlanOut the Thoroughfares

Never cram too much furniture in one place. Ideally, the thoroughfare in your home must be 90 cm wide. In other words, there should be enough space for two people to pass.

2.   Tapinto the Power of Three

All experts offering interior design services would agree that three is the magic design number when it comes to design. Always group three items together. Cushions, vases, pictures – three items only. Clubbing three items together creates visual symmetry. It’s pleasing to the eyes.

3.   Keep the Flooring Cohesive

Hands down, this is a common mistake made by homeowners when decorating their place. They don’t use the same flooring in different rooms.

Here is a good piece of advice to stick to. If you want to give the illusion that your space is bigger, keep the flooring consistent. To break up the continuity or to divide the space, use rugs.

4.   Balance Out the Color Scheme

It cannot be stressed enough, color scheme can make or break your home decor. Interior designers stick to this rule to ace color schemes – 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color. If you stick to this rule as well, you will never fail with colors.

And if you would like to add a fourth color into the mix, split the secondary or dominant color. Never touch the proportion of the accent color.

5.   Highlight the Fireplace

Those who have a fireplace, use it to your advantage.Have it brightly painted or choose a geometric design for it. Make it colorful and decorate it with books, candles or houseplants.

6.   Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Negative Spaces

Many homeowners struggle with fighting the urge to fill every shelf, wall and empty space in the room. Don’t clutter your place! It’s totally normal to leave a few areas free. These negative spaces add a sense of space.

7.   Add Seasonal Updates

Who says you have to remodel or decorate the entire house every time the seasons or trend change? Little updates have the power to brighten up the space. These little upgrades can have a significant impact. The best way to add character to a space is to accessorize it with different objects based on the season. For instance, when autumn hits, display lanterns and pumpkins to give a warm welcome to your guests.

Use magazines to get home decorating inspiration and keep an eye on what’s trending. Make those trends a part of your home’s decor in a subtle way.

Bottom Line

The list of interior design secrets could go on and on. But if you stick to the basics, you would be able to ace your home decor always!