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Foundation Plans

Indicates the type of foundation — usually a full or partial basement, crawlspace, or slab — and all of the specifications necessary for constructing it, including dimensions and locations for footings

Roof Plans

This plan describes the elements that make up the roof. The roof plan typically illustrates ridges, valleys, and hips. It also may indicate the roofing material and slopes of roof surfaces, as well .

Cross Section Drawings

Show a cross-section view of a particular section of the house from roof to foundation. A cross-section will indicate details, such as ceiling height, ceiling type (flat or vault, for instance), and window and door dimensions.

Window and door schedules.

List the sizes and quantities of all the doors and windows, both interior and exterior, that will be included in the house.

Floor Plans

One for each level of the house, these indicate the sizes and locations of all of the rooms in the house, all the doors and windows, and any built-in elements, such as plumbing fixtures and cabinets.

Exterior Elevation Drawings

Elevations are a 2d representation of each side of the house. They typically indicate the materials for the walls, roof, and other elements that are part of the home.

Details Drawings

Close-up drawings of special details, such as built-in shelving, moldings, and columns.

Customize Plan

you can customize almost any plan to fit your needs. Select one of our pre-defined custom options, or request a free quote for any change you can imagine -- add an extra bedroom, move the garage, almost anything.


Foundation And Basement Plans

This sheet shows the foundation layout including concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and foundation notes. If the home features a basement, the first-floor framing details may also be included on this plan.

Roof Framing Plans

Some plans contain roof framing plans; however because of the wide variation in local requirements, many plans do not. If you buy a plan without a roof framing plan, you will need an engineer familiar with local building codes to create a plan to build your roof.

Reinforcement Slabs

This sheet shows the Reinforcement layout including concrete slabs each floor, contrivers, beams, bearing walls, and steel notes.

Floor Structural Supports

Each of these detailed house plans includes floor joist, ceiling joist, spacing, direction, span, and specifications. Beam and window headers, along with necessary details for framing connections, stairways, or dormers are also included.

Columns and Beams

This sheet shows the columns layout including concrete slabs each floor beams, bearing walls, and steel notes.

Construction Notes and Details

The foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, stairways, floors, and/or roof details may be included in this plan sheet.

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