Following are some of the terms that we would like you to learn before you go through the bye laws of Lahore Development Authority.

1. Amalgamation
Means the joining of two or more adjoining (side by side and/or back to back) plots of the same land use into a single plot for building purposes.
2. Clear Story Height
Means the clear height from finished floor to bottom of roof slab.
3. Drainage
Any system of natural and artificial removal of surface and sub surface water (liquid, sewage etc.) from any area.
4. Fire Fighting System
The properly placed equipment to extinguish fire.
5. Steel Structure
A structure which is made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity.
6. Open Space
Area of protected or conserved land on which development is indefinitely set aside.
7. Earth Quake Restrictive Structure
Building designed to prevent total collapse, preserve life, and minimize damage in case of an earthquake or tremor, to ensure Earthquake resistant structures that absorb and dissipate seismically induced motion through a combination of means: damping decreases the amplitude of oscillations of a vibrating structure, while ductile materials (e.g., steel) can withstand considerable inelastic deformation.
8. Skyline
The maximum prescribed height limit beyond which no structure including machine room, parapet wall, Mumty, HTML tower, advertisement boards/hoardings etc. are permitted.
9. Basement
Means the lowest part of a building, partly or completely below ground level. Building Height. The height of any residential building other than Apartment Buildings abutting roads having Right of Way up to 25 feet measured from the crown of the road to the top of the parapet wall shall not exceed 38 ft (11.58 m) and the minimum clear height of each story, other than the basement, shall not be less than 9-ft 6inches (2.9m), measured from finished floor level up to underneath of the roof slab above.
*Covered Area to Plot Area Ratio: To calculate this ratio calculate the total area to be constructed on all the floors (total covered area) divided by area of the plot i.e. total covered area/ total area of the plot. Just to give you an example if you have one kanal plot in Lahore, its area would be 4,500 sq ft and let’s say you are constructing 3 stories and covered area of all these three stories is 7,000 sq ft then your ratio will be 7000/4500= 1.55
Structure Stability Drawing/Calculations are required above 38’ (4 Stories).
The number of story permissible in a farm house shall not be more than two with a maximum building height of 30ft (9.15m) and one basement may be permitted in farm house.
Additional Requirements

  • In case of residential /commercial, the minimum area of the basement shall be 100 Sft and shall be constructed after leaving the mandatory open spaces required under these Regulations.
  • For plots having 60-ft and above right of way (roads in front or the sides), separate plans for basement shall be submitted and sanctioned released in the first phase in residential buildings.
  • For determination of building completion date for issuance of completion certificate of residential buildings the utility bills of electricity & Sui gas installation may be considered by the Authority.
  • Underground water tank and over head water tank shall be provided in all types of buildings.
  • No building plan shall be entertained in Area if the sub-division of land or Private Housing Scheme is not approved by the Authority.
  • No pillar construction is allowed in residential buildings except apartments.
  • No billboard and hoardings shall be allowed on residential plots.
  • For plots abutting on 60-ft and above right of way, separate plans for basement shall be submitted and sanctioned released in the first phase in residential buildings.
  • For determination of building completion date for issuance of completion certificate of residential buildings the utility bills of electricity & Sui Gas installation may be considered by the Authority.
  • Rain water invert wells for houses having area of more than 5 Marla shall be provided to increase water aquifer level and less disposal activity (less consumption of electricity/diesel at Disposal Station).
  • Underground water tank and over head water tank shall be provided in all types of residential buildings having area of 3-marlas and above.
  • In residential building insulation of outer walls, roofs and windows shall be provided for energy efficiency.
  • Walls facing sun shall be insulated in residential buildings.

10. Set back on Upper floors
Instead of constructing boxes Architect may provide offsets at upper floors after appropriate height intervals for beautification
11. Amalgamation of Plots
In any zone two or more plots of the same uses may be combined for the purposes of constructing one or more buildings considering that the plots are owned by the same or multiple owners. If at any later stage the sub-division is again done then the building period charges will have to be paid for the subdivided plots from its original date of expiry of building period of approved plans.
12. Boundary Wall
The plan for construction of gate and Boundary wall in the approved public/private housing schemes, land sub-division and private housing in the Area as defined in LDA Act, shall be got approved from the authority on payment of prescribed fee (Provided no structure plan road or access to adjoining properties will be blocked by construction such boundary walls). Provided no Boundary wall where permitted should not exceed 7ft (2.13m) in height measure from the plinth level & no structural plan road or any access to adjoining abadies will be blocked.
Underground Water Tank/Rain Water Harvesting

  1. All buildings to be constructed in future in Lahore should have provision for roof top rainwater harvesting commensurate with its plinth area.
  2. Captured rain water may be utilized for all purpose other than drinking purpose.

Connections of roof drain pipe with the sewerage system or to the street
No downspout or roof drain pipe capturing the rain water of the residential building shall be directly connected with the sewerage system or to the street/right of ways. For the houses under 15-marlas overflow arrangement from the rain harvesting tank will be provided connected to the sewerage system or to the street/right of ways. For buildings 15marlas and above no over flow from rain water harvesting tank is allowed to connect sewerage system or to the street/right of ways and will be diverted to landscapes, natural areas and to the ground water recharge bores/wells.
13. Rain Water Harvesting from Houses (15 Marla and above)
For each and every house having area 15 Marla or above provision of recharge well/ recharge pit is mandatory. Every house is required to construct a recharge well/ recharge pit.
14. Inspection of Rainwater Harvesting
LDA and WASA reserves the right to periodically inspect Rainwater Harvesting System of any public or private building to verify that regular maintenance activities are being performed adequately.
15. Sanction of Plan
Within 45 days of the receipt of an application for residential buildings along with required plans and documents as under section 10.2 and 10.3 and payment of scrutiny fee for permission to carry out building works. This Clause will not apply on the commercial buildings/Public Building Plans , time frame will 45-days shall applicable as an when owner/builders/developers will submit all the required NOCs such as TIA, EPA and NOC from WASA structural drawings vetted from approved Structural Engineer of LDA, parking agreement, approval from HLDC and Special Committee if required, the Development Authority shall:-
The sanction / approval letter shall be issued as per BR-16. The builder shall comply with all the conditions contained in the sanctioned letter as per building plans in addition to Building Regulations.
16. Issuance of Completion Certificate
The Development Authority shall issue a completion certificate on completion of building works provided the work has been carried out according to the sanctioned plan. In case of deviations made therein during construction the completion certificate can only be issued if deviation are compoundable and are settled in advance in writing by an officer duly authorized by the Development Authority.
Non-compoundable Violations

  • Any construction in the mandatory open spaces including the setback to be left open at ground level.

Building Height and basement violations in Main Civic and Commercial Centers including Divisional and District Centers above prescribed height limit.

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