In order to get the job done I will need the following: 

  • Floor plan of the space (it can be hand drawn) and measurements 
  • Basic needs for the space (i e,what function will it have) 
  • Style you love or inspirational photos 
  • Colors that you would like (or dislike) 
  • Any furniture specifications or decor that you desire
  • Specific location of plants and general type (tree, flowers, bushes, etc.)

The complete package will be sent to you on the agreed date and you will be entitled to the revisions included in it. We can make either big or small changes. 

My little garden: includes a small garden or balcony (up to 16 m2/ 52 ft2) with furniture and plants of any type.
More green space: includes bigger gardens with furniture and plants of any type (up to 32m2/ 104 ft2)
In love with nature: includes a big garden or yard with furniture, plants of any type and can include also a pool, jacuzzi, grill, outdoor structures, cars, or any other object you want to include.

Project created with Auto cad and renders with Vray.
Don’t hesitate in contacting me before you purchase if you have any question or concern.